My Story

Greetings and welcome! My name is Michelle. I am a single woman in my mid-50’s and I call Washington home. This web site exists as I plan to spend most of 2019 on “walkabout”. What does that mean, you ask? That means I quit my job, sold many of my belongings (including my house), and am traveling around the US. I live on the road, out of my Jeep, in a tent. I camp, hike, explore, and volunteer. In between all that, I visit family and friends.

The path that got me here and the journey I am on will be logged on this web site. Please, I invite you to look around and give my story a read. Heck, even leave comments and/or suggestions if you are so inclined.

I do not have all the answers, and often I have lots of questions. I did a lot of planning to get here, but that does not mean I have it all down. I am using this space to keep track of my journey, exchange feedback with others, and as a central repository for loved ones to know where I am and what I am up to.

My support team is amazing and always with me.

Cheers to you for visiting and I hope to see you on the road.