Putting the Wheels in Motion

Now that I am firm, clear, and excited out of my head, how and when do I tell people? This adventure has set my soul on fire and I am so thrilled I want to shout it from the mountain tops! Or at least post all over Facebook. Maybe I should wait…. Get more settled. Make sure this will really happen.

Then I thought I would do a big announcement in my Christmas letter. Do some more research first, then blab it all over. Nope, can’t wait that long. I am way too excited! I figured only some huge, unforeseen negative thing will keep this from happening now. It is like a rail car going downhill, it just picks up momentum. Can I really wait six months until the Holiday letter?? I really do not want work to know, as my notice will be one of the last things I give. Hmmmmm…. How to deal with this. I am already letting it slip like the air that squeaks out of a balloon at some random kids party.

I reached out to my realtor, as the money from the sale of my house is a huge factor in all of this. I started the research of life on the road. Yes, there is such a thing! Then, I let it slip to a lady at church. I also told one of my “sisters” by choice. Then, I thought I should tell my parents. It is only fair that those closest to me hear about this from the source – me – and have the chance to give me input. I mean, if anyone will have a heart attack, it will be them. I told my Dad, and he was glad! He practically applauded my choice. Go figure… I really should not have been surprised that Pop was a fan. His sense of adventure and the trips he took us kids on are all part of this for me. When I told my Mom she was a little shocked. Then I told her it was partially her fault. I mean, she was the one who said you have to travel when you are younger because you cannot do it when you get old. Old for her is 80’s and it does get more and more difficult. Thanks Mom 😉

I am so fucking excited, so out of my head with eager anticipation, that I cannot keep this to myself. I am spilling my guts all over the darned place and telling nearly everyone I come into contact with. So far, I am surprised by the reactions. Everyone is supportive! While I have one or two folks whose comments gave me more to think about, everyone right down the line is supportive and tells me to not only do it, that they wish they could do the same thing. Huh. Did not see that coming.

My wiser self knows that I need to listen to the experiences of others, to their life lessons and recommendations. I need to not get so caught up in my own head that I lose all sense of reality. I appreciate that about the people in my life. Most of them, if not all, will tell me like it is and give me the truth. Despite my over the edge excitement, it is best if I collect information, all the data as it were, and perform my due diligence. Such an academic! But, in truth, it makes sense and will give me a better experience. Look at all angles, even if I do not like what I see. Plan for contingencies, emergencies, what is the back up? Must give that some more thought. 

By this time, I have told my parents and my siblings, and one or two random others. Honestly, I am quite taken aback that nobody is trying to talk me out of it!  Everyone thinks it is a good idea and is supportive. There are concerns, sure, and those are good to hear and consider and ponder. But, I am really surprised that nobody has said, to my face anyway, that I am off my rocker or questioned what the hell I am thinking! I guess that is more reason to continue this journey and more reason to forge on. When you really think about the reasons not to, that pile is pretty small compared to the reasons to keep moving ahead. Wow. That is amazing and I am blessed and I am humbled. Oh, and I am still totally excited!!!!

Excited Me

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