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There is so much to say these days and everyone wants to say it! There are just as many ways to say it, too. The Internet has opened the door for anyone, literally ANYONE with access to a computer and the Web, to make a web site, post a video, string together vacation photos, create a blog or a vlog, post articles, poetry, on and on the list goes of ways we can tout the exploits of our lives, the thoughts in our head, or the pondering of our minds. 

This all begs the question: Who the heck gives a shit what I have to say?? Who will actually read my postings or comment on my words? The irony here is not lost as I am writing this with the full intention of posting it on my website. Insert dramatic pause and music here. If I was better at this, I would know how to do that. Laugh Out Loud (written out for more dramatic effect). 

I created my web site after people asked to keep track of where I was, pass me on to their friends in cool places, and track what I was doing while on my journey. My parents rarely use Facebook, so this way they too can read up on the happenings of their most precious daughter of adventure. Facebook and emails are great, but I get overwhelmed with all of the notices and postings and conversations. I thought a central repository would be helpful for me, and for family members who are not as inclined towards social media. Anyone who wants to know what I am up to can take a commitment free gander, anonymous tour around, or choose to connect in a way that should not be too overwhelming. 

I also know my web access will be limited and I doubt I will have the time or inclination to respond to every posting, comment or even message that I may receive while in between service. Like bulk mail, I fear I will get buried fast. I do not want to seem ungrateful or disassociate from my loved ones or support team. Heavens no! I am mindful that sporadic internet access will mean heavy upload, working off line at camp, then massive upload again. Grabbing my stack of mail, heading out to sort through, then getting back to the most critical of items or bits of information. Real time response will be more the exception than the rule.

Like in the old days when one went on vacation and had the mail held at the post office. The ever reliable USPS keeps mail for you while you are away and upon your return, you order it to be delivered. These days we do not get much meaningful mail, but back then, you would get a stack of all things important. OK, not all things. There was still a good deal of junk, flyers, advertisements. But, the important stuff like bills, checks or notices were part of that pile. Sorting through the foray was a soothing post vacation ritual that helped ease my re-entry into civilization. Giving my body and soul just a little bit more time between vacation and reality. I actually enjoyed that process and relished in the transition time. 

Anyway, back to my original rant. I am actually paying some money to have this web site and post my content. For whom? For how many? To what avail?? I challenge myself not to think of this web site in terms of value measured by hits, my success measured by followers, or my worth as a person characterized by external validation. I must remember that this site is for my support team, my loved ones, and for me to record, share, track and log this adventure. I can even stretch that definition into safety. I mean, let’s say I post a destination and assumed time of next post. Let’s say that time passes, and I mean not just a couple days, let’s sat like a week or more passes. Well, my hope of all hopes is that someone will notice and send out the alarm. Where was she last seen? What was she last doing? With whom? Questions and concerns of that nature. I know it is kind of a stretch, but really the postings can serve as a place to start looking should I not turn up when and where expected after a reasonable amount of time. You listening, Sparky?

I know there is a part of me that will delight in the postings of others and in the number of hits or views. I know that will give me a sense of contribution, or value, and will make me feel like my efforts are not in vein. I appreciate someone who takes the time to post information that I find useful and I take the time to tell them so. I hope to inspire, challenge, or motivate others. This level of change is not for everyone. But, if my choice can spur another to follow his or her heart, to build and achieve that dream, to be and do and live in a more authentic way, then AMEN, goal achieved! In turn, you folks who do find inspiration can reciprocate and inspire me. 

During this time of final preparations and planning, when my journey is so close, I am so excited and confident that it spills over like the water at Niagara Falls. I am sure I will have times of doubt, frustration and disillusionment while on the road. Hell, I have them now. But, with my goal to inspire, I hope to use that bank of comments and feedback to then draw from when I need a boost – and I know I will. When I need to read about a daring, bold, important or dramatic change that led that person (you, perhaps?) to their goal, their dream, their more authentic self. When I need to connect with someone, somewhere, for strength and motivation, YOUR stories will be welcome. 

There you go. Why do I have a web site? Tracking, retention of details, memories, bulk communication, safety. What do I hope to achieve? Give and receive support, guidance and inspiration. See, in the end, the web site is a two way operation. I hope what I post inspires someone, somewhere, to do and be and live. In return, I hope to use your stories, postings, comments and feedback to continue to inspire me to do, be and live. Tit for tat, give and receive, eye for an eye for of thing. 

Goal achieved!

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  1. meandmsjones says:

    Listening! And loving it. Keep writing Michelle!


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