It Moves


Something is moving deep inside of me,

some force that just does not seem to be.

Something has shifted in this life that I know,

something is happening and it is in this direction I must go.

Something larger than the life that I lead, 

so strong that to my will I must hereby concede.

Something is moving, so deep down and within,

something so right, so wonderful, so powerful that I am in.

My heart it sings with unfettered joy,

my soul it shines, my very essence it seeks to employ.

For the first time in as long as I can recall,

I am coming into myself, into place the parts now happily fall.

Something is moving inside of me,

this something is something that I know must just be.

Something I feel deep inside of my being,

something to which I was blind I am now clearly seeing.

I feel a joy, a happiness I cannot explain,

I feel a freedom in which I have no constrain.

I feel the wind, the sun, the warmth and the cold,

my senses on high, this life I now embrace, tightly hold.

Something inside me has started to shift, 

my sprits now fly, all that I know unwinds, starts to lift.

I release the silences, the tethers, the limits that have been imposed, 

I now open to all that I am, no longer living a life that is closed. 

Something is moving deep inside of me,

something is alight, something that I know is destined to be.

I am bringing together that which had been put asunder, 

I am bringing a force, it is lightening to the glorious thunder.

I am finding myself in a way I had not ever before, 

I am walking, nay running, as fast as I can out that fucking closed door.

I’m am breaking free, to be me, to be all that I can, all that I will be.

Something is moving deep inside. 

May that something never, ever, never subside. 

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