Last night I talked with the moon…

The rays of light woke me from my sleep. It was the moon. It’s brightness calling me. It’s light bringing me gently out of my deep slumber. It’s voice had a message I needed to hear. 

The moon reminded me of hope.

Hope as the light in the dark, the warmth in the cold, the comfort when all seems lost.

The hope of a better day, the hope that it will all turn out OK, the hope of something more. 

The hope that runs alongside the fear of the unknown, the void of no guarantees, the acknowledgement that we really control very little in this life. 

Hope that remains steady through the storms, the hand to hold when all else slips away. 

The light of the moon spoke to me of hope. 

The moon spoke to me of faith. 

The reminder that even when I cannot see the moon, it is still there. Though I will never touch the moon, I will never taste the moon, it is there. 

When unseen for many nights, my faith tells me it is not gone. It is just away from my sight. That it’s rays still shine, though not for me at that moment. It’s voice still calls though the message may be for another. 

Faith is to believe in that which we cannot see, but that we know to be real. Faith is knowing we are never alone, that we are watched over and cared for and loved and cherished always. 

Having faith when all seems lost, knowing that the path will become lit and your life will unfold exactly how it is supposed to. Not one second sooner, or one week later. Exactly how it is supposed to. Exactly.

Faith tells me that when I cannot see the rays of the moon, its shape or its color, it is still there. Faith promises that the moon will again shine for me. 

As I lay in my bed in the quiet of dark, the rays of the moon shone bright in my eyes. It was not a full moon, it was not a completely clear sky. It was not the rare blue moon or the stunning orange moon. It was simply a sliver of the moon that called out to me. Whose rays reminded me of hope…. of faith….. 

The moon told me that if faith is my investment, then hope is my return. 

Last night the moon talked to me……  and I listened.