Mink Lake – Olympic National Forest

What I could not capture in a photo, or record in a video, was the silence and the sounds of the water and the forest. After my heartbeat slowed down, on the downhill trek back, I started to notice. Additionally, the awesome power of mother nature was all around. In this environment, trees die, are struck by lightening, or are taken out by other falling trees. I went through two landslides, there were really like a tree avalanche. That is where the “over” and “under” came into play. There was one area where the roots were so charred I could smell the burnt wood, and the fallen trees so fresh it smelled like Christmas. Mother Nature is awesome, worthy of our respect, and in desperate need of our support. Stupid humans going off path for that photo, taking a short cut off-trail through a fragile plot of land, or not picking up after their dogs will make areas like this extinct. Though there is power here, there is a certain fragility that, in my opinion, we must respect and care for.

Made it! All uphill, which explains being out of breath and sweating.
Just another waterfall in the rainforest.
This was OVER, as someone helped out with a little leverage. Just a little belly crawl and straddle. Cross fit my ass.
This is the lake. It was amazing.
At snow line even.
This was under. Going around looked even more risky. Hey, what’s a little dirt at this point?
I could see myself sliding down this mother like a kid on the playground. NOPE!
The stream and the trail become one.
Tactical pants for the win.
I discovered portrait setting. Who knew?
I had to leave, it just got too cold for me.

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