Blackbeard Brewing

Westport, Washington

I did not ask, but I think they may be extract as the beers were all very sweet. I was underwhelmed and not a fan of their fruit additions. I overheard a staff person say they use puree, but that should not all sink to the bottom and cloud your beer. The flavors were off to me, but were at least drinkable.

The pizza was terrible and way too expensive for hardly any topping. I mean, really, paying for pepperoni and getting like 10 on the whole thing?? Who does that? I am suspicious my food also sat as a “to go” and then was later discovered. People like me pay attention and I know my food sat a while before I got it. Sad.

I would stay away from the food and if you have to have beer, you may be OK here. I think it depends on your pallet and choice of beer.

I give them 2 beers. I got a free sticker.

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