Mazama Brewing

Hillsboro, Oregon

Stopped in here to have something different. There is a Rogue and McMenamins in the area and I have been to both. I really want to reach beyond my previous boundaries. Oh, and from a place that was open. Sorry, all, but this chick needs you to be open earlier in the day! Anyhoo… beer was SOLID and the staff excellent. I mean, really solid. Spot on for genre, description and being what it was supposed to be.

I ended up adding the Marzen, which was reported to be award winning. This beer did not disappoint and I can totally appreciate how it won. They do not brew on site, but in Corvallis. I would have loved to see their set-up.

I give them five beers and a shot for extra help from the staff. Cheers!

Add to this post that I had a pleasant and impromptu chat with one of the owners. She talked about their expansion and current home base in Corvallis, Oregon. We talked about places that put out bad beer and places that do not, as well as my adventure. Cheers for these folks!

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