Westport, WA

I really had a good time here. There are biking trails and hiking trails and, of course, the beach. This is a sleepy little town that does not seem to get the tourist traffic of Ocean Shores or Pacific City. However, I liked it’s charm and it was filled with real people working to make their living from the sea. I never knew you actually could fish for crab. I learned that walking down the pier. Sure, there is a tourist industry, but not as overwhelming as some places. I prefer things just left of center, anyway.

Folks were friendly, the campground was nearly empty and well maintained. If you are looking for something off the beaten path, yet costal with things to do, I suggest this place. I did not know there were more little towns to the South and I never got the chance to explore. Cheers, Westport!

Camp outside of Westport. Look at the sun!!
Awesome original lens.
Westport Maritime Museum and former Coast Guard station.
If you look close you can see the Olympics!
Feet in the Pacific.
Clashing Camo – yeah, it’s a thing.
Perfect sand dollar that will stay right on the beach where it belongs.
The object in this photo was closer than it appears!
A great place to take a rest and some contemplative moments.
The Pacific never disappoints.
Hiking the beach.
Gig Harbor Lighthouse.
Though no longer used, the original light is still at the top.
Worth the climb.
Last night sunset. I got too impatient to way for the whole thing. This was good enough.

Later, Westport! It was a blast.

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