Fuck Off Kind of Day

It’s a fuck off kind of day, when the minutes go on like hours,

when you read and ponder and watch the sun cross the sky.

When the light rains down like endless summer showers,

when the bottle of wine seems never to run dry.

It’s a fuck off kind of day when the breeze is light and the air warm,

when the day turns to night and you are feeling a bit adrift.

When you accomplished a couple little walks, nothing to scorn,

when the breeze takes your spirit and sends it high on the windy lift. 

When you finish that book you only started yesterday,

When you ate something at sometime with no details to recall.

It’s a fuck off kind of day, a total waste time, as some would say,

you have nowhere to go and can get there for the entire day.

When the sun sparkles on the lake, the water gently turning,

when the birds continue their call, their endless song the loudest sound.

When the peace you feel pales in comparison to the previous yearning,

feeling no deficit, no lack of, comfort and fulness are all around. 

It’s a fuck off kind of day when you have no place you need to be,

when you have zero demands, zero commitments, no tasks that bind

When you have all you need, it is quite easy to see

why more fuck off days will present themselves to you in kind. 

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