The tempest it rages deep in my soul,

Tossing, turning, burning, on a bed of hot coal.

It screams, it cries, longing to escape,

No longer sleeping, this mighty force is wide awake.

It is the itch that can find no relief, 

It is the unsettled feelings of longing and disbelief.

It’s the eyes that cut right through your heart, 

It’s the restlessness that will tear you clean apart.

The longing to run, turn my back and just run.

Never mind who I am or what I have done.

Let it all go, throw caution to the wind,

Let it all go and become quite unhinged.

The fantasy of freedom shouts my name,

The desire to live in a way that is never quite the same.

Feed this beast, this longing to be free. 

Unleash the tempest that will truly unleash me.

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