Month: June 2019

Women and Fear

I recently was at an educational seminar at this Northwest Overland rally. This is a pretty large gathering for those who like to go off road and take their entire house with them. These are serious backroad travel folks. It spans the gambit of…

My Tent Bent and I Lost It

I arrived at the event on the designated day. I was a volunteer and got early access and my pick of spots. It was an open field in a little valley and the surrounding hills were gorgeous. I had driven off Mt. Rainer the…

Ten Miles and a Little Help

I have 21% battery but I just cannot wait to put this post together. Let’s hope my juice outlast my writing.  I am in the Mt Rainier National Park area. Today was hiking day. I had chosen a route that I knew I would…

Leave No Trace

This is a saying that represents the desired wilderness practice of not leaving any of your presence behind. Nothing. Visiting the wilderness and taking all that you bring with you back out. Garbage, toilet paper (used and unused), poop, any waste products at all….

Top Case Worthy

If you live any where near the PNW (Pacific North West) you see all sorts of vehicles with a top case. I mean, literally, from motorcycles to RV’s and all vehicles in between. You know, that thing that goes on the roof? Designed to…

Weekend Revisited

It is now Monday morning. I did learn a couple new things regarding this place in time commonly called “the weekend”. While I was not wrong in what I felt and observed in my earlier post, I did not quite have the entire picture….

Why I now Loathe the Weekend

It is Friday and I am near Mr. Rainer. I am not far from Seattle, Portland, Yakima and Ellensburg. Perhaps that is my err. Perhaps I have misjudged the proximity to the “big city” and now feel like it is moving in next door….