Puyallup, WA

I was staying with friends in preparation for some airplane travel. I had a day to prep for my little trip, run errands and regroup from my last stint at camp. I got antsy later in the day and took off walking. I had seen signs with directions towards an antiques district, and that looked fun. I admit, I was nervous in this large city walking in unfamiliar territory so I packed the Kimber. That also kept me from drinking, as never the ‘twain shall meet! I only had one questionable person approach me and I spoke to him so assertively he actually jumped back. I enjoyed meandering around and visiting the shops, with the intention of reporting back to my friends. I found some really great antique pieces and I will look forward to filling my future house with something similar.

I found this beer spot and stopped in. I read the tap list and ability to get flights. Score! We went later and had a ball. There is a nice vibe, some food available, and solid, yet diverse beers. Most beers seem to come from about a 150 mile radius. We enjoyed our guide, Jim, who spoiled us with Almond Rocca candy to boot. We each got our own flight, then split a third. The samples are individually priced, so be aware if you have a limited budget. But, at five ounces each, they are worth the price.

I give them five beers and I got a free sticker. Top case worthy!

That’s Haley with her sample tray. She was not a fan of the Sump Stout due to the coffee addition. She did like all the others.

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