Exploring Detroit #1

I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I left when I was 19 and never lived there again. I do not consider this place home, but it is the place where I grew up. I was born here and my family has deep roots here. I still like the area, even if Detroit generally gets a bad rap.

I flew back for my nephew’s graduation and for my 55th birthday.

My sister is the consummate tour guide and never disappoints in her ability to show me sides of this city I never knew or saw as a child. Thankfully, this is not the Detroit of my youth and it is the Detroit that is making a comeback.

We drove around gawking at the sites. We hit Eastern Market, Bush Park and random other areas just to see the development. Sister got herself on the Facebook live stream for Feeding Detroit, which is her beloved social service organization. It was a amazing visit.

Cheers Detroit!

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