Happy Birthday!


It is the day of my birth. I am 55 years old. I am technically homeless and basically unemployed. I am living my dream! I am currently at my sister’s house in Michigan to celebrate my nephew’s high school graduation. I am taking advantage of BJJ classes nearby. I am living out of my Jeep and call wherever I pitch my tent home. I work here and there, doing something I like. I am volunteering for a Jeep rally and with the forest service and to house sit for a friend. I live outside. I am in good health, strong and mostly fit. I can go where I want, when I want, and do what I want. Anything I have scheduled, I did myself. Any plans or agenda or commitment is of my own doing. I am where I am because this is where I choose to be. My age looks like something foreign. I neither relate to that number or feel that number. Perhaps age IS just a number. 

Pause….. I am also a work in progress. I am making my own choices all the time, yet I am still learning who I am and what brings me joy. I am learning more about how to listen to my soul, my intuition, my body, the world around me. I am learning what it feels like when I misjudge or should have chosen differently. I am learning how to live in a way that is more supportive of the current me and the me I want to be. I feel I have just started. I am on a journey. I am a pilgrim on a walkabout. I am an explorer on an expedition. I am living the dream I defined nearly one year ago. I took one of the greatest intentional risks of my life. I feel that I need more of this; very much more. 

I am proud of myself. 

My birthday wish is that my loved ones, my friends, my web site readers and anyone on this earth be able to do and be and live in a way that feeds their heart and soul and mind and body. My wish is that your wishes and your dreams come true and that you have the courage and resources and the capacity to make it happen, and if you want to change any of your choices, I wish you the resolve and confidence and bravery to do so. 

I lift up my glass, my heart, and my gratitude to you. 

Cheers and Happy Birthday!

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  1. Many happy returns of the day.x


  2. Many happy returns of the day. X


  3. Kathy Spencer says:



  4. Lisa Ormond says:

    Happy B-Day Michelle! Inspiring and genuine–continue to do what brings you peace and power! Rock that 55–so much awaits.


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