Packwood Brewing

Packwood, WA

This brewery is in a little town just outside of the Mr. Rainer National Park area. I was pleasantly surprised to even find a brewery here. They do not currently brew on site, but this is the only place you can get their beer.

Fun fact – they are currently using the former 7 Seas Brewing site in Tacoma. Recently, I was at the new 7 Seas Brewing place and enjoyed their beer. I respect that Packwood is working on their business model and staying true, in that you cannot get their beer even at the brewery. You have to go to Packwood.

I did limit my choices, and did not try everything, The beers were solid. I had to buy a sticker. The place has a good feel with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the mountain when she chooses to show herself.

I give them four beers.

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