Ice Harbor Brewing

Kennewick, WA

Touring about, I needed electricity and food. Beer never hurts, so off to a brewery I go to get all of the above. I have had Ice Harbor beer but never visited the actual facility. It was not where I expected, located next to an active train track in a quasi-industrial area. The brewery and eatery are all attached, with a home brew supply store to boot. I enjoyed sticking my head in the bins of grant and sniffing. Once you smell the grain, you really get a better sense of why a certain beer tastes the way it does.

I set up shop in a little corner where I could not only see everyone and everything, but I had endless power and a table to myself. I had a sample tray plus one (driving you know) and fried cauliflower, because that is still a vegetable.

I give them 4.5 beers. The beer was solid, but nothing spectacular. The server was superb and I tipped her well. I had to buy a sticker, but she gave me two when I mentioned it had to be top case worthy. The atmosphere was warm and most folks seemed to know each other. I also drank copious amounts of iced tea, as I had to limit my beer. Great experience!

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