Lower Granite Lake, WA

Snake River, WA The river made it all worth while. It was hot, but peaceful and calm. I heard so many animals and the train and some barge I am sure that came at night. Among the best part? The camping is free. Thanks Army Corps of Engineers!


The more I say it, the more I think about myself in that context, the more my life, my discontent and the reason I am on this journey make sense. For the first time in my entire life somebody put words to those feelings. Somebody reached out to let me know I am not alone….


Puyallup, WA I was staying with friends in preparation for some airplane travel. I had a day to prep for my little trip, run errands and regroup from my last stint at camp. I got antsy later in the day and took off walking. I had seen signs with directions towards an antiques district, and…