Night on a Bus


It was a work commitment that I knew would be long,

I was packed and ready, heading straight into the throng.

We boarded the bus, a might bit early for a Saturday,

I had the dual seat to myself, score me for a comfortable stay.

The wheels rolled along, the skies were bright and blue,

over the plains, rivers, mountains we rolled, steady and true. 

Starting our shifts, the weather was sunny, clear and bright,

the concert set to begin, people lined up for their special night. 

The team hummed along, working on security, tickets, safety and service, 

on our feet for hours, managing the crowd, though still somewhat nervous. 

It was midnight, our shifts ended, we again loaded onto our  steady steed,

headed home, happy to be done, every one us, happy indeed.

The engine roared and the wheels turned as we started to sleep,

nobody was comfortable, though we were glad to be off our feet. 

Barely two hours had passed when we pulled off to the roadside,

Concerned for our safety, the driver looked hard, all things he eyed.

Back on the road once again, homeward bound, though it did not last long,

sparks and flames from under the bus, a sign something was surely wrong. 

The driver found an exit to leave the freeway, pulling off to park on a road,

safety a top concern, taking good care of this very precious load.

It was 2:00 in the morning, on the pass we were destined to land,

it would be many hours before help and a new bus would be at hand.

Settling in, preparing for a night of uncomfortable positions, 

the group was amicable, nobody too upset as we accepted our current conditions. 

As the skies started to turn light, sometime in the morning, sometime after five,

the rescue bus in sight, we watched as it left the highway to safely arrive. 

The group awoke, some taking more time than others,

we were a little rough, nobody quite able to take on their druthers. 

We stopped for breakfast, with full bellies, back on the bus we went,

Twenty-seven hours on this journey, we were all just a little spent. 

We were mostly tired and uncomfortable, anxious to get on with our lives,

this adventure that seemed never to stop, that turned into quite the surprise.

It was late in the morning when home we safely arrived, 

all was well as if the whole thing was somewhat contrived. 

A night of many firsts, new experiences and things not seen before,

glad it was over, nobody had a meltdown and we get paid. 

Who could ask for anything more. 

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