Paradise Creek Brewery

Pullman, WA

I talk a lot about home. Well, this brewery has been my “home” for the last five years. The brewery and it’s owner/operator, Tom Handy, is a consistent and staunch supporter of the local home brew club and of all things beer. One thing I know is that wherever I am, breweries and beer give me community. PCB was and continues to be no exception and carries this support and recognition in all of their establishments.

There are now two locations. The first, the Old Post Office, is the flagship establishment and where one will their standard offering of find beer and decent food. The second, rather new to the community, is the Trailside Taproom and now houses all the brewing and is a tap room. You do get free popcorn and you can bring your own food. I take full credit for the name. Yes, I suggested it and it stuck. Paradise Creek Trailside Taproom. You are welcome!

I felt obligated and thought it essential to include this place on my blog, as this was a legitimate stop and a legitimate brewery, a legitimate place I visited on my journey. My affiliation runs deep and is true, so I am forthright in my biased opinion.

I give them five beers and a shot in recognition of the support of the local community, the home brew club and all things beer. Cheers!

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