Mountains Walking Brewery

Bozeman, Montana

I went to this place for an REI talk. If you are not aware, Recreation Equipment Inc. is one of the most popular and well-known outdoor sports stores in the Northwest. In years past, they had a 100% return policy and would exchange any item for any reason at any time. These days, you have to get it back to them within a year. Still, when I have a major purchase this is where I go.

I visited the REI to get a bike seat cover and return a couple items. I discovered that they had classes, talks and even a free consultation. I signed up for a couple talks and the consultation. I mean, why not?And it was at a brewery so I could kill two birds with one stone. I ended up confusing the time of the talk so I showed up late. I had missed the talk, but there were still some outdoor folks sitting around and ready to talk about life in the outdoors. Ok, I will punt and stay for beer.

Meeting the people and talking about various areas to hike, bike or kayak was good. The beer? Not so much. The place was packed and had good aesthetics. The food looked good, but I did not eat. The beer was unimpressive and ordinary.

I give them 3 beers and appreciate the sticker. I appreciate their support of the local outdoor enthusiasts. but really encourage them to up their beer game. You can do better!

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