Cody, Wyoming

This is one of those happy accidents. I left Yellowstone this morning and had an incredibly amazing, but really long, drive out of the Park. I wanted to take a road that I had not explored before, so I chose the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. Once out of the West Entrance of Yellowstone. you have a choice. Chief Joseph or Beartooth Pass. Both amazing and worth the time. I have been on Beartooth before on a motorcycle trip, so I chose the other. Chief Joseph takes one into Wyoming through some of the most amazing and diverse scenery yet! The topography of the USA never ceases to amaze me.

Now, many hours later and as usual me without a plan, I drive by this brewery and made an impromptu stop. I will use this time to regroup, find my next place to land, and get back on track for the business of living. I was able to snag a nice booth so that I could spread out my maps and computer and use all my tools to find my next camp.

I got some food and beer and was a happy camper.

I give them 3.75 beers. There was no sticker and the beer was decent but not notable. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere good. Overall, it was just what I needed when I needed it.

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