Six Month Update #2

I have posted a lot about the details of my experiences. I have also provided updates on how I feel living on the road, my challenges and my joys. This post is another update to recognize six months on the road. I have not been outside for six months, as I have combined volunteer work that was place bound, house sitting, friend and family stays. However, over half of my time is living outside, camping, traveling, and exploring. 

I am still looking for community and connection with like-minded folks, women who live similar to how I live, or other sorts of folks with whom I can connect. I have met people and have mini-connections “out here” all the time. I also recognize that there are inherent challenges to finding community while living on the road. I continue to try different groups and meet people in virtual environments with the hopes that I will one day connect in a more meaningful and sustainable way. Then again, I am doing just fine on my own. For me, it is a balance. 

Here is my list, my recap, my take on my reality. This is my life and my experience. Others may have, live, or exist differently. I welcome and invite their stories, too. I am happy, healthy and having the time of my life. Cheers!

I can:

Get up when I want, Sleep when I want, Go where I want, Choose my day while in that day, Eat what and when I want, Hike when I want, Change my mind about what I am doing or where I am going.

I can’t:

Cook when it’s raining, Get warm, sometimes, Cool off, sometimes, Always get a shower, Always use my electronics, Believe I actually get to do this!

I don’t:

Have unlimited electricity, Have a couch, Go to work, Hate my life, Have a TV, Like windy camp spots, Worry if my clothes are in fashion, Have unlimited financial resources , Always know what is happening in the larger world, Answer to anyone unless I choose to, Feel angst or discontent.

I do:

Visit amazing places, Experience nature first hand, Spend time with loved ones, Drive a lot, Love a hot and unlimited shower, Have a lot of good gear that serves me well, Love my life, ,Love visiting the local library for power and comfort, Sometimes smell, Watch movies or read when it is raining.

In short, I have no regrets, much joy, and an emotional peace I have never had before. This rocks and I look forward to the next six or nine or twelve months of my journey.

Cheers to freedom and happiness!

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  1. meandmsjones says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post and LOVE your happy sunshiney face in the photo! Cheers to your ever evolving journey!


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