I apologize for all the posts that have been filling your mailbox. This was my own doing, all me, though much needed and sorely overdue. I am sorry you had to get such a bombardment in such a short period of time. 

While I was place bound in Florida with my parents I chose a new theme for my web site. I had been searching for something that would better organize my categories and their associated content. I also wanted certain posts only to appear in certain sections. It seems that WordPress themes each have their own unique structures and they do not all do the same things. 

I found a new theme that I really like. More important, that I hope YOU really like. I am trying to provide you with a fun and informational experience and not just word-mountains of my ramblings. I am working on a better balance. This new theme highlights the photos on each post and I really like how they appear on the landing page. In the transition I did lose the static page that told my story, but it is on a menu at the top. Still available at all times and, I hope, easy to locate and find. 

Truth be told, I had a lot of content on that web site that most of you probably never knew existed. It was not organized in a very user friendly way, nor was it easy for me to always manage. I knew a change was needed and Florida gave me the time and resources to get this done. The web site helped keep my mind off the heat when it got to be a bit much, too. 

Once I committed to the theme, I had to move over all of my content. Not just move it, but reorganize and refine and better display all that content that has been hidden all these months. I actually surprised myself when I took the time to look back, nearly one year, when I started posting about my journey. I know there are some women out there considering or doing the same, or something equal, as my journey and I hope something I said or wrote about will motivate, support, and let them know they – YOU – are not alone. 

Before I left the resource rich environment of my parents house, I was able to transition a fair amount of the content. Even then, I knew I had work to do. As often happens, I find it really hard to tether myself to my laptop and succumb to my need for electricity and the internet while I am at a fun and interesting place. One of the key motivators for this journey, after all, was NOT being stuck at a desk and NOT being chained to a computer. Hours on my web site just do not happen when I am on the road. 

I landed at my friend’s house in Baton Rogue. He is a computer Geek and follows me on my web site. He asked me about it and I expressed my frustrations and goals. He said that he likes to work on that stuff – which is really outside of my ability to understand. I cannot fathom web site management being any fun when this stuff can take hours and hours. No matter, he was interested and started looking into it for me. Hell, it stressed me out just watching him try to figure out what my problems were. I could barely stand it.  

To his credit, and I owe him big, he got things pointed in the right direction. The weather then took a turn and I decided to spend a cold and rainy couple of days inside working on my web site, building on what he started while binging on movies and TV shows. Between him, me and tech support at WordPress, we were on our way! I had the pages how I wanted them and the menus displaying preferred content in a preferred manner. I was thrilled and actually motivated to continue my quest to get the entire site updated and better organized.

Which comes full circle to you, the reader, who was recently buried in new posts. The posts you were notified about already existed, but were hidden in a way that made them hard to find or see. Now when you click on any of the menu’s that are listed at the top of the home page you get all the posts in that category AND they appear on their own page. No more drop down menus, no more extensive lists to scroll through. I know the word CATEGORY still appears at the top, but I have the directions to fix that, too. 

I spent hours getting all my old content moved to the framework and location it should have been all along. Whew, that was an intense project!  At least for me. I got all up to date on my shows and movies and got lots accomplished on my web site during the time I was not exploring Baton Rogue or hanging with my friends. 

Again, I am sorry to any readers who were overwhelmed. I appreciate those of you who brought this flurry of activity to my attention. I am glad you are out there looking out for me. 

This is also a warning – I have about three months of content to create and post. I am that behind and I apologize. It has been easier for me to quickly post on Facebook than the web site, which is way more time and resource consuming.

If you promise to forgive me for getting behind, I promise to stay more up to date in the future. I have been some really cool places and I cannot wait to share them with you. 

As always, I appreciate the support and inspiration you all give me. Just knowing you are there can help me stay motivated when I am challenged and supported when I feel like an outcast. It also helps when the road seems lonely and I feel isolated. I like knowing you are there.

Cheers and gratitude to you. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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  1. Janet fizz curtis says:

    Hahaha. I guessed that is what had happened. I find this website really hard to use. Merry Christmas. X


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