Bubbles in a Jet Tub

I was instructed not to use bubble bath if I was going to turn on the jets in the tub. That was logical, as I can see the bubbles going all crazy and filling the bathroom. This caution for my bath made sense, until it didn’t. Until there’s a perfectly good reason to use the jets in the jet tub. Until you use the jets BECAUSE there are bubbles in the tub. 

It was one of many pieces of guidance and advice I received on house sitting orientation day. Don’t get me wrong, I am not working for strangers or in a house I do not know. I am house sitting for longtime and beloved friends while they enjoy the warmer temps down south. Being gone for a month, in my opinion, warrants a live-in care taker. There are just too many variables, especially in winter months, with too many things that can go wrong. I am providing my services for “free”, which means I am using the shit out of their electricity, 65” HDTV, fireplace and abundance of food. Not really free in the end. But, peace of mind is my gift to my friends and unlimited modern conveniences their gift to me. 

Before they left, I wanted to know the inner workings of this house. To be honest, I have been here on numerous occasions. Writing this brings me to the realization that you never really know a house until you have lived in it. It is no wonder we stress and fret when buying a house without ever living in it! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just try them on for a week or two? Not moving in, but use it like a hotel and make a stay-cation part of the closing? What a game changer that would be.

I digress…. back to orientation day. I was getting the low-down on the fuse box, water shut-off, cleaning supplies, and more. I received the details I would need if there was an emergency or urgency. There are also, and always, little nuances to each home. For example, closing that door a little hard as it swells in the humidity, or jiggle the switch for the fireplace if it does not come on right away. These are parts of the house that give it personality for sure, but would leave me scratching my head if I was not aware. 

Well, I did have one situation that threw me. There is a garbage disposal in the kitchen. I was getting rid of some extra ice and orange peels, which are always a nice combination in the disposal. I put everything in the sink and could not find the switch. I looked and looked, no switch or button anywhere to be found! The sink was backing-up and I had no disposal. Now what??? I took pause, stepped back, and considered the obvious. If I could not see it, then where would it be? Why, under the sink, that’s where!!! Found it. Whew, dodged a bullet there. I never thought to ask about that or bother to look very hard until I needed it. 

Back to the house… I knew my friends had a wonderfully huge jet tub in their basement. I was hella excited to have access to that tub and to spend hours lounging around in the hot water. This luxury is not something one finds while traveling on the road living out of a tent, you know. I am lucky to just bathe on a regular basis. Given the tub, the “not to use bubble bath” instructions made sense at the time. Until I took a bubble bath and used the jets. Until it no longer made sense. 

Imagine yourself in the bathtub. A tub that can covers most of you. The water is warm or hot, whatever you like, and the bubbles have been expertly added. Your candles or dim lights or movies on the computer (in my case) are all ready and you have entered into your water haven. Time passes, as it does in a bubblebath, and what also happens? The bubbles start to fade! Like the head of a warm beer, the bubbles begin to disappear. They fizzle out long before I do and I find myself sitting in plain, flat water. Don’t get me wrong, the water is still warm and I am nearly covered and my movie is playing along. I am enjoying myself well enough, except for the bubbles. 

Enter the jets. Bubbles fading in the bathtub? Well, sister/brother, you start up those jets and bubbles you shall have! Like magic, the pleasure of the bubbles again grace my water wonderland. Jet that water again and bubbles you will have! I repeated this cycle one or two times before the water just got too cool and me a little too wrinkled. Bubble bath time over.

Sure, don’t run the jets in a jet tub while you are taking a bubble bath IF doing so will cause the bubbles to go nuts and spill all over your bathroom. But, when your bubbles begin to fade or cease to exist, run the hell out of those jets! Get your bubble on as often as you need to bring that bath experience back to life! 

What is the point of this story? The point is that while there is a time and place for caution and to follow directions, sometimes, there is not. Sometimes, those directions are not universal and not a blanket statement. Sometimes, there are far more levels and details to those directions than we may think. Sometimes, we should question and explore and push the boundaries. Sometimes the best advise is not to follow the advise at all. Sometimes, bubbles all over is a perfect opportunity to deep clean the bathroom!

Yes, please, stay on the trail when posted to do so. Please don’t litter or take things that are not yours. We should follow traffic and campground rules. But, wear that color you love even if your pallet says its not for you, take that trip even if your support network feels contrary, and make that life change if that is what your heart and soul tell you to do. Do that thing that makes your heart sing. Color your hair, or not, get that tattoo or new job or expensive sweater.

Sometimes bubbles and jets are a problem, and sometimes they are a great thing! Sometimes breaking convention is just what we need. Life is short. Too short not to be happy.

Cheers to the bubbles in your life!

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