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It has been over a year since I started the process of rearranging my life. It has been a year since I started selling most of my belongings and exactly one year since I quite my job. I am quickly approaching the one year mark of the sale of my house and leaving what was my hometown. Nearly a year since I drove up the hill of the highway that would take me on the journey of a lifetime, living on the road, in my adventure, finding myself and my joy. One year in new places, visiting family and friends, exploring, hiking, growing. One year as a pilgrim. 

I know I spent more than I thought, I did not go as far as I intended or see all I planned. I also feel more at peace, more in tune with myself and more happy than I can remember. I know I am not done. I feel incomplete, yet more whole. I know that I need to continue, I need to replenish my bank account, and I need to keep exploring. I am satisfied by the visits I had and agenda I completed. I accomplished all I set out to do. I am proud and happy and oh so not done!

Part two, moving forward, will be about me. In part two, I will stay longer, work more, dig deeper. I will be more engaged and involved in my explorations. I will be working in target areas. I will volunteer less and work more. I will replenish my funds while I accomplish the continued goals of personal growth, challenge, exploration. I also have no agenda. I have no visits planned or timelines in front of me. I have work commitments that I chose.

I have learned so much this last year. I learned about myself and the world around me. I am learning more about situations I do and do not want to be in, but know that I will be OK nearly anywhere. I can handle a lot even if I choose not to do that thing or be in that place again.

Moving forward, I know I want to be outside. I know I want to to be physically active. I know I want to support the out of doors, conservation, responsible recreation. I will continue to pack my life with experiences. I know I will feel better when I have some money coming into the bank. I know I will be back on the road in 2020.

I still consider changing my vehicle set-up and the way I live outside. I have done a lot of research and learning in this area. I am also not ready to make the leap and I am not so moved as to have made that change. I don’t want it enough to make it happen or it would have. I vacillate, which means that I am not ready and I changed nothing. I continue to travel in the Jeep with my tent and all of my camping gear. I do not have a toilet of my own and I will always be in search of water. I will shower when and where I can and enjoy the local library.

I am excited to move on to my next adventures. Starting in early March and into April I will be here: https://snowmountainranch.org

Starting May until the fall I will be here: https://www.gunflint.com

If you will be in these areas or want to visit, let me know.

Enjoy your spring!

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  1. meandmsjones says:

    I’m so pumped for you and looking forward to reading all about your adventures as you enter this next phase of your journey! Cheers!


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