Gunflint Lake, MN


I am not in a town or city. I am just over 40 miles away from such a thing. I am way out here and liking it. There are no mountains and, while it is not completely flat, it is pretty flat. I am in the trees and in nature and there are lakes and streams all around. I cannot help but take photos all the time. Even the things I see every day look different as the weather and seasons and time of day changes.

When I do “go to town”, it is to Grand Marais, MN on the shores of Lake Superior. Grand Marais is about 1300 people and supports itself primarily with tourism. This is the closest place for groceries, supplies or an evening out. There are other little towns around the same size all up and down this area referred to as the North Shore. Right now I am staying pretty close to “home” as I settle into my new job and surroundings. I have months to explore and am in no rush. Besides, most things are not quite open yet or just beginning to wake from their COVID coma.

Enjoy some of my sights as I explore this unique and wildly beautiful area.

This nest sits over an electrical box on the side of the main lodge building.
I will look forward to seeing how many babies make it.

And to leave you with the peaceful, easy feeling that’s all around here…

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