Voyageur Brewing


Grand Marais, Minnesota

The greatest irony of all here is that I was at this brewery nearly a year ago. I was here, sitting one table over from the photo of my buddy, enjoying a sample tray and some food. My-oh-shitstorm-my have things changed! Things meaning the world and myself.

Fall 2019

The beer is still good and the setting great. I love the views of Lake Superior and their outdoor space. I love that they are working hard to accommodate COVID and stay open and serve customers. I love that they are trying and are not being assholes about it. I love that my topcase already has their sticker.

June 2020 Cheers Cameron!

I am happy to share my love and knowledge of beer with my young coworker. As you can see, he is eager to learn. His is the one in the middle, though we did share some.


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