Farmington Brewing Company

Farmington, MI

I sat outside on a sidewalk I must have put miles on as a youngster. I would ride my bike through downtown to get to the houses of friends, and later a boyfriend. I would see movies at the discount theater in the adjacent building. I marched down these streets in parades while I was in band and sports. Looking down the street I see clean sidewalks, green trees and neatly decorated store fronts. In some ways I recognize this place, and in others it is all new. My first job was at a long-gone cafe across the street and my sister used to live above the vacant ice cream store front.

It was a pleasure to have beers in such familiar surroundings and to sit outside. The beers were solid. I ordered two taster trays and found the second tray more to my liking. I really enjoyed both of their saison and the wee heavy jacked-up scotch ale. Sadly, I did not get a photo.

I got a sticker, but I had to buy it. The servers were not very friendly or knowledgeable. I give them four beers.