Shhhh. Be quiet. Be still.

I cannot hear myself think, I cannot hear my heart beat, my pulse.

I cannot breathe, my chest is tight, my emotions out of control. 

Shhh. Please stop talking, singing, dancing, moving.

I cannot hear my mind, my voice, the whispers of my soul.

I cannot see the sun or the clouds or the mountains or the plains,

I cannot see the deer or the rivers or the birds or trees.

Shhhh. Be quiet. Don’t move. 

Go out. Out side, out of the doors, out of the building, out of the car and the store. 

Get off of the carpet and the cement and the wood and the linoleum and tile. 

I cannot feel the sun, the wind, the rain, the grass, the water.

I cannot smell the trees, the fields, the flowers, the rivers and streams.

Shhhh. Be still. Be calm. 

I cannot hear the birds, the cows, the wind or the sea.

I cannot see the colors or the clouds or the flowers or the hills. 

Stop talking, moving, shopping, driving, laughing.

I cannot find my voice, my clean socks, my wallet, my mind, my words. 

Shhhh. Stop. Just stop. 

I have lost my voice, my heart, my God, my vibration. 

The noise, the distraction, the traffic, the people.

Lights and sounds and smells and dust and garbage and machines. 

The music, the drinks, the food, the kids, the pets. 

Talking and hugging and kisses and questions and games and distractions.

The friends, co-workers, church kin, people on the street, people passing by. 

Shhhh. Don’t move. Don’t say a word. Do not speak. 

I cannot hear myself, I cannot hear my voice, I cannot touch my self, I cannot move.

I cannot find my place, I cannot hear my intuition or the truth or the path or the next steps or the necessary steps. 

I cannot hear, I cannot see, I cannot move. 

Shhh. Stop. Please, just stop.