I Am Tired

I’m tired.

Of this life I lead, this box I am in.

I’m tired.

Adjusting my mood, always lifting my chin.

I’m tired,

Of the job, the people, the places I see.

They know not any other way to be.

The repetition and routine drive me insane,

Am I in hell or some alternate plane?

Parts of myself buried deep can’t come out to play.

Parts of me so overwhelming, what would the neighbors say?

I’m tired.

Of false fronts, pretending, playing games all the time.

I’m so fucking tired of living a life that is not mine.

While it’s true I find moments of laughter and fun,

They are quite fleeting, holding fast to no one.

I’m tired.

Of false faces, empty promises, words said in vein.

I cannot go on like this, each day living just the same.

To be in a happy place, doing what makes my heart sing,

I long to be more true, to relish in every little thing.

I’m tired.

Of the bullshit, the falseness and trumped up expectations.

I’m tired of empty greetings, disingenuous salutations.

Stop pretending that you really give a shit,

I’ll stop pretending that this life is where I fit.

So I’m off to find myself, to find what makes my soul sing.

I’m off on an adventure, where being tired is not happening.

I’ll live off the grid, them come in for frolic and fun.

I’ll come to visit, share love and laughter, wasting time with no one.

Then off I will go, hitting the road once more.

Off I will go so my spirit can soar.

I’ll travel around, avail myself to what life has to offer.

I’ll make this journey my ultimate show stopper.

I’ll live in a way that evens up the score.

I’ll travel around until I’m not tired anymore. 

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