Yup, it happened. My Mom blames it on me being so cold in the rainforest. I am not sure how it happened, but I felt it coming and, like a tsunami, it hit me yesterday late afternoon and by evening I was a hot mess. Low grade fever, very runny nose, sneezing, coughing, headache. By the time I was in bed, I had soaked my hankie with snot, vacillated between sweating and shivering, and started coughing. During the night I had detailed and seriously fucked up dreams. Oh, and I should mention the rogue coyote who has lost his tribe. He went on and on, calling and yipping and carrying on. Nobody answered. Poor bastard, another lonely night for him.

As usual when I got up, I made my tea and ate, then straight off to the grocery store. I needed drugs and I needed them now! My head was splitting, I was coughing, and my nose was running in some sort of snot marathon. At checkout, the guy even commented on my Puffs Ultra Soft tissue, cold medicine and throat drops, “Not feelings well, eh?” Chuckle. Nope, not at all. The medicine has been helping and I did take it easy today. A couple hours at the library, walked around the little town, hit a maritime museum, explored a couple places to ride my bike this weekend. I also drove to some cranberry bogs, which I assume are not ripe with fruit, as they look like weed patches. But, cranberries are a new crop for me so I wanted to take a look. I did get my hands on a free local paper and drove to a place where they are exploring erosion prevention. Apparently, this particular place is losing feet of land per year, equalling miles over time. I did drive by there and it was really interesting to see. I wish there was some sort of information station to explain what they were doing and what was happening. Current efforts are more on the mitigation of the erosion and people’s property than making an educational display out of the whole ordeal. I get it. 

I am trying really hard right now NOT to lay down, as I know I will sleep and that will probably mess up my sleep later. Early to bed today for sure. But, napping may just mess me up. The drugs are working for the most part and I am starting to feel a little loopy. That is how I know they are at work, that bloated floating head feeling. I did get the cheap imitation brand, trying to save a buck where I can. The Puffs were a splurge, but I only have so many hankies I can saturate.

I did not see this one coming. I mean, in previous portions of my life, I would get sick once a year or even once every two years. The “crud” as most of us call it, which equates to a petty bad cold that lingers for a few weeks. Two years ago I got a cold and then got the flu. That was a first. I had the flu last in 2003 when I first started grad school. Needless to say, it had been a while. I got all these great illnesses during Holiday break. While that sucks on the one hand, as I had no plans, it was a way to pass the time on the other hand. I blame my job on that little extravaganza. The stresses of not being happy, not wanting to be there, all that crap wore me down. I mean, really wore me down in ways I did not even know until it went away. 

After being sick for about six weeks, including recovery, I got my very first flu shot. Well, that I can remember anyway. I am not sure if Mom had us get them as kids or what. She was for sure on the vaccine wagon and that is OK by me. I had no intention of letting illness take away six weeks of my life again. It was painless and there were no side effects. So far no flu and this does not feel like the flu. Just a nasty cold. 

How I got this cold? Well, I can blame a lot of things. Shared bathrooms, public places, not eating right, forgetting to take my vitamins, dealing with the cold temperatures. I mean, pick one. We can add in the stress of last minute house packing and moving and preparations for the road, too. I am sure it is a culmination of many things. I will stay on top of the meds, so that things do not get further out of control. I will watch for a break in the next day or so and make sure any fluids that leave my body are clear. 

I can say that being in a warmer climate is a blessing. My feet have not been cold once. In fact, I downgraded my sleeping socks from former-Jim’s gigantic wool hunting socks to a pair of my own wool socks. I have dropped one layer of clothes, though I am wearing more than those around me and I blame my cold on that. That wind just hits me in my bones, you know?

I plan to use this time of recovery to take it easy. I was at the library for a couple hours today working on my web site, checking important accounts, downloading more books onto my phone. I got some good information on the museum, too. In fact, the dude a row over from me heard me ask about it and he is a volunteer there. What do you know, about 30 minutes later there he was taking my $5. While I hate to spend the money, I think supporting this sort of history is really important and I am happy to contribute. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I will either do a little hike that the campground has, only a couple miles, or if I am not up to that, I will hit the laundry mat. I am not running out of clothes, but they are piling up. I am also pretty sure I slobbered all over my pillowcase last night, so that may need some sprucing up. 

I am in the tent right now and even it is warm. I have not opened the top, which is recommended when it is raining. I am letting the daytime sun warm things up in here. Oh, and I am also watching the bugs accumulate on the tent and under the rainfly. I spend my time hitting the fabric to get them to fall. I hate bugs. The only ones that have made it in are these super tiny gnats. I am not sure how they get in, and there are not many of them, but they must die. The tent is a NO BUG zone and I will work really hard to keep it that way. I should ask at REI if I can spray the tent with bug spray or if that will hurt the protective water proofing. I will add that to the list of things I have to talk about, ask about, and get information about when I visit REI at my next stop. Or eventual stop. Depending on how I feel. 

I know I am here for five nights, through the weekend. I saw a lot to do and I have not been disappointed. When the ocean calms down, I can hear the city street noises, which I do not like. But, then, I have to remind myself about blanket lady who spent the evening screaming at her male companion. This was out in the forest, like the real forest. She went on and on about him “jacking her shit” and blankets and fires. They were sleeping in the back of a pick up truck, so whatever her issue was, there was neither the space or supplies to warrant such a tirade. I could also hear airplanes and jet engines at times. At this moment, in this time, I would trade a little noise for the warmth. I also have to remember that people are everywhere and some of them suck. Some are great and awesome, while others just suck. 

I should eat, but I am feeling lazy. It is nearly pill time again. Where is Mom with that chicken noodle soup when you need her? Oh, that’s right, waiting for me to arrive this fall in Florida. I told her I would make myself tomato soup for dinner. I should do that and I should eat. I should take care. 

Be well, people of the world. Be well and take good care!

PS – Sorry, Mom, I did not make soup. I was feeling to tired and lazy. In fact, I was not going to eat at all. As a compromise, I had a protein shake made with store bought protein powder, evaporated milk and water. I got good nutrients and the taste was great. My body is happy. Cheers Mom!

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