Radio Silence


You noticed, huh? It got a little quiet up in this web site. I got quiet. Honestly, I had neither the time or capacity to write. Honestly, I am extremely flattered that you noticed. Seriously, flattered. 

Soon I will post about my experience and take a deeper dive into what I learned. I got off the road to work, which took time. I spent time with friends, during which I gave my time. I got off the road too soon, which I knew but ignored. I also over extended my social and emotional capitol. In fact, I imploded that shit. Blew her right the fuck up. I ran myself into the ground. I stopped listening to my heart, to my soul. I did not give myself the time or energy to write, to reflect. I gave of myself, and I did so willingly. I ended up giving too much. 

Only myself to blame. Me and only me. There is no need to belabor the point. I got off the road when I should have stayed. I should have carved out time for me during my visits. I should have this and I should have that…. blah blah blah. I learned my lessons. It caused me to make mistakes and that cost me money and time. One I have in abundance and one not so much. Mistakes these days seem to cost me money. Boo to that. 

So, I am now back on the road. Let’s define that so we are all on the same page. “On the road” means that I am living in my tent, camping as some of you call it. I am in or on the outskirts of some town. I may be in the forest or the plains, I may be on the river or the lake. I am reading and writing and hiking or biking. I am loving the local library and forever in search of drinking water. I start each day with my morning tea and birds are generally the loudest sound. I am finding showers and laundry mats. I am laying in the sun and watching the animals, feeling the rain on my face and the wind on my skin. I am monitoring the ice in the cooler and the food in the back of the Jeep. I am home. My home.

“Off the road” means that I am in a dwelling of some sort that belongs to someone else. I am staying inside, so far with someone I know. I am in a bed as such, have access to electricity, indoor plumbing and I am not subject to the elements. Heck, I may even have my own room. I may be eating some of my food, some of their food, and a refrigerator holds the rest. I am not spitting my toothpaste in the bushes or peeing on the ground in the middle of the night. I use a sink for the first, and a toilet for the second. Go me. These places are not my home. They are homes to others who graciously share them with me. Sincerest thanks and gratitude to them. I appreciate you and your support of me.

I went off the road and now I am on the road. I am home. Thanks for noticing and thanks for paying attention. Thanks for your hospitality and thanks for understanding. Thanks for being there for me. Also, thanks for understanding when the road calls. Home calls.

The road is my home. It calls. When it does I must go. 


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