Riverport Brewing

Clarkston, WA

Beer and popcorn – does it get any better than that??? Hint: No, it does not.

This place is not new to me and did not disappoint. New this run was a pepper beer (think Jalapeño) and a barleywine. As always, their beer is solid. I appreciate good beer and they have it.

You can bring your own food. So, here is a little hint – Costco is right down the road. Save money on food and bring their food here! You can sit outside and even bring your dog. As previously discussed, keep it away from me, but you enjoy. There is a good vibe, TV’s for you to watch, and a food truck right outside if you choose to spend more or did not plan very well.

I did add the barleywine taster, but did not add the photo. What it lacked in aroma it sure made up for in taste. Wowzer! Packs a wallop, too.

Five beers for great beer, free popcorn and the vibe one desires of a brew house.

Cheers LC Valley!

My sample tray. It was solid as were the beers.

Lest we forget the popcorn!

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