Upside Down

Wow. Just WOW! My world has been turned upside down and I literally feel like I have traveled to another Universe. From the far north to the deep south, from the Northwoods to the desert, from winter to summer. In a matter of days, and hundreds of miles, I flipped my reality. I turned my life upside down. 

I can see forever and hear only the sounds of nature. I live alone in an apartment and have a view from every window. I put my pants away, my long sleeves shall not soon see the light of day. I am digging out my shorts and tank tops. I can smell moisture in the air from a distant location. I can see Mexico. 

But, I jump ahead. Let me recap. I spent my summer working at Gunflint Lodge off the Gunflint Trail just outside of the Boundary Water Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. My time and my contract were up and I needed, craved, a change. Winter was coming and I was ready to go. I was done, and had been done, for a while. Time to move on!

I had looked long and hard for my next job. I turned down a couple offers due to location (too urban) or housing (shared dorm). In the end, I accepted a position at a ski resort in the mountains of New Mexico. Housing was still a huge question and was not resolved. To be honest, I never really felt it. I never felt the excitement or the anticipation for that job. The housing was a question, the information scarce. I liked the fact that I would not be cleaning anything, but something about it was just not right. And yet, I had no other options as I continued to search. 

The beauty of the north woods.

I also knew my job search was off, not clicking with the Universe, and not from a place of intention. I felt the “miss”, felt that is was not “right”. I hashed it out with my pen pal and realized I was not coming at my job search the right way. I was not clear in my ask, was not detailed in my intention, and was not tapping into the vibrational pull of the Universe. That realization changed everything. Literally, EVERYTHING!

I stepped back, regrouped, and put my intention out in a detailed and specific way. I chose a couple locations and told the Universe that I wanted to be there. I was willing to compromise on the job, but not the setting or the living situation. I also wanted a specific sort of housing. I will not live with a roommate, no matter how perfect s/he is. I have already decided that even living with Jesus would be a challenge. Though, that whole water to wine thing would be handy. Anyway I got clear and specific. I was feeling this process way more than previously. I had found my vibe.

In short order, I received an email job announcement. Low and behold, there was a job at one of my target locations, Big Bend National Park in the Southwest corner of Texas. Why Big Bend? Well, last year as I was traveling through, sometime in December, I tried to visit this park. It looked like it had some great hiking and places to explore and then there was the dark sky thing. It ticked my boxes as was on the way to Phoenix, a desired stop to visit family and friends. Perfect, I thought, I wanted to go there. 

The Rio Grande

I had been in Texas for a couple weeks, camped on the beach and saw my first jackrabbit. I watched the armadillos play and learned more about the natural areas of Texas. I drove south and skirted the Mexico border for the better part of a day. The head wind killed my gas mileage and it was a long day, but I was heading to the park. I waited in line and when I got to the gate I was informed that the park was full. Even the FCFS camping spots were taken. Shit!! What the hell was I going to do now? I was way the fuck out here and had no camping options, no internet to look at anything, and no way to regroup. Shit, shit, shit! Man, this looked like a really cool place but there was nothing anywhere. I left. 

I was not happy but I had really no choice. I took off and headed north. I committed to come back, in some way, some fashion, and explore. The little park newspaper had information about volunteering so I filed that information for later. Yup, return I would.

Fast forward to nearly one year later. I set my intention for the Gran Canyon or Big Bend. I put my housing requirements out to the Universe. I received the email job notice for Big Bend for Front Desk and Gift Shop. Well, I had some experience at the front desk so I applied. I was not feeling the gift shop, so I skipped that one. I did the application and sent it off. When I was done, I thought again about the gift shop. I mean, that would be easier than front desk and if Big Bend is where I wanted to be, then I should widen my opportunities. I applied for the Gift Shop job, too. 

Texas Sunset

I say that I applied like it was all smooth and seamless. Heck no! I was doing all of this while in the back roads of Missouri. It took me an hour to apply, spending time driving up and down the highway looking for signal. How frustrating! But, I finally got both applications completed and submitted. I let that go and got on with my travels. 

I continued my journey south and west, assuming I was still going to work in New Mexico, even though I still was not feeling it. I was in Arkansas exploring a small town, killing time, being a tourist. I decided to check my phone one last time before I headed back to camp. What was that?? A phone call from Texas??!!?? Oh, and an email, too. I got excited. I immediately called back and spend about 30 minutes on the phone with Toni. She let me know that they really needed someone to work in this gift shop store and also to help with the RV park. Heck yes I was interested! Camp host is one of the jobs I want and yet cannot have due to my lack of an RV; tenters are not welcome. Then we talked about housing. I let her know I was not willing to share, and she let me know they were not setting up roommates due to COVID. This just got really good!

We talked some more and by the end of the conversation, I was to be housed in one side of a duplex with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and (though I did not know it at the time), my own laundry and a garage for the Jeep! I was closer to them than I thought and agreed to arrive in two days time. Wow, that really just happened!! I got what I felt was an amazing opportunity in a desired location and my housing requirements were not only met, but exceeded beyond expectation. 

I was floored, excited and overwhelmed. Did that just happen? My requirements were met, I felt this job, and nailed the housing. I felt good, I felt excited about it, there was a fit there I cannot explain. Now I am here, living the desert. It is in the 90’s. I can see forever. I have mountains. The big dipper is upside down and Venus rises from a different location. I am around 1000 miles from where I was. I am light years away in one sense, and right where I am supposed to be in another. Wow. Just wow.

This is a long story to illustrate that intention works. I mean, you have to speak it and you have to listen. You also have to “intention” the right thing, because if you continue to ask for the wrong thing in the wrong way it will not work. Sure, as the human with higher brain power we can figure out a way to make anything work and we can force that thing we want. I suggest you stop and ask yourself if this is the “right” thing for you. 

May you find your intentional vibration. May you speak it and hear it. May you tap into that magical process that will lead you down the road that awaits. 

Cheers from the desert!


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